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5 Simple Ways to immerse yourself in nature this Spring

Spring has finally begun to show its face and I am all for it. So today I want to share five things that I will be doing to fully immerse myself in Nature.

1: Earthing or Grounding

As spring finally begins to bloom around us there is no better time than to ground and immerse yourself within the season. A great way to connect is to remove shoes and socks and walk or stand barefoot on the grass. Allowing the healing electrolytes from the earth to be soaked up by and soothe the body and mind. Trust me the healing effects have been documented.

2: Daily Bloom Walk

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year to take daily walks. I love calling them bloom walks because heading out to spot new blossoms is an absolute joy and always fun to see what new things have sprung up over night. 3: Planting Seeds

It’s spring which means it’s the perfect time to plant, grow and nurture your garden or pots on a window ledge. It’s a lovely thing to watch plants grow from a seed and teaches us to be patien in a busy world.

4: Using your 5 senses

Whenever I’m out and about walking my son to school or running errands I like to use my senses. Why don’t you try?

What can you see? (Blossom, Flowers, new growth… etc)

What can you hear? (Birds, rustling leaves etc)

What can you touch? (Trees, blossom etc)

What can you smell? (Narcissus have a wonderful scent)

What can you taste? (Are you somewhere you can forage?)

5: Warm evenings outside

There is nothing more lovely as the warmer evenings unfold than taking a drink be it a glass of wine or cup of tea into the garden to listen as nature begins to ready itself for night. We had a small heatwave just over a week ago and my husband and I enjoyed an evening (still slightly chilly) outside. It was glorious!

Do you have any other ideas? I’d love to hear about them. So please leave a comment if you do.

Happy Monday,

Love Charlotte x

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