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A wild Camellia display

I had the utter delight of wandering about my aunts garden on Tuesday with my secateurs.

With Spring officially here the garden is starting to come to life. Especially her wonderful Camellia bush wich was teeming with flower buds. It was too good to resist snipping a few off to bring home for an arrangement.

As soon as I got home with my boy try I plunged them into some water whilst I gathered the things I needed. I managed to get Camellia, Cherry blossom, Quince blossom and Viburnum.

I just had to use my new vase from Emma Bridgewater because I am absolutely in love with it. Although, it wasn't the best choice with too heavy Camellias having a fish bowl shape.

However, I rectified this by gathering the Camellias together and loosely tying them with some jute string. It isn't visible in the arrangement but keeps the heavy flowers in the position I want them without them falling out of the vase. (The buds are so heavy that they almost topple over and out left alone)

From there I slotted in the lengthy blossom branches and Viburnum.

I absolutely adore how wild and natural this arrangement looks and simply cannot wait for the Camellia to start really blossoming.

I also managed to get a small vase for my bedside table which will be an absolute joy to wake up to each morning.

I hope this inspires you to get out and pick some flowers in your garden (or a family members)

Love Charlotte x

(Vases: both Emma Bridgewater)

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