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Autumnal Garden Days

It's that time of year again when there is a smokey fresh green scent in the air. You know the one I mean don't you? That autumnal smell that you can never quite describe but is welcoming all the same. It's like unlocking a deep knowing that your body and mind can now prepare for cosier simpler days.

I've always loved the seasons. Watching them change from one to another. Paying attention to the things that not all people would notice. Like a single branch of leaves on an entire tree changing before the rest of it. What a thing to notice.

But, with that change comes a shower of leaves as the trees slowly loose their green robes for another year.

We have a small town garden that is surrounded by flint and brick walls. Unfortunately this means that I don't see a lot of hedgehogs wandering and also that leaves tend to get stuck. Blowing into the garden with no means of escape.

We get a lot of leaves! And sometimes the thought of taking the take and broom to the garden can feel quite overwhelming. Honestly our garden looks like it's been snowing heavily with leaves. But, on a bright autumnal Saturday my son (6), husband and I adorn feet with wellies, take in a deep breath of autumn air and get tidying. We will most likely have to take rake and broom to leaves two or three times before all the trees are bare and the garden goes into hibernation for the winter.

Once we get started on what can seem a daunting task it turns into something much more magical. The three of us out in nature, enjoying this outdoor space with smiles on our red cheeked faces. And after an hour or so the garden looks somewhat like the garden we remember from summer days gone by.

We stop for coffee and hot chocolate. A well deserved break before the lawn mower comes out of the shed to give the lawn a final trim before winter. We have had such good weather this year that there is the possibility of another before winter sets in and the grass stops growing so quickly. However, for now the smell of freshly cut grass in the autumn air just adds to this nostalgic feeling I have inside. Another simple autumnal day in the garden. So simple and yet so enjoyable. Simplicity at its best.

As we finish our warming drinks I look up at the tree that causes all this mayhem in the garden and feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that it allows my family and I this time to connect with nature together. Then I realise that in two weeks time we will be repeating the process because this green giant still has many leaves to drop.

How are you spending autumnal days in nature?

Until next time,

Love Charlotte x


Wellies: Joules, wellibobs (

Cups, plate & tray: Emma Bridgewater (

Coffee: Beanies, Cinamon (

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