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Buxus Propagation

Hey everyone,

Last year I took some Buxus cuttings from existing plants in my garden and to be completely honest I planted them in soil after dipping them in rooting powder and just left them. In all honesty we hadn’t decided where they would go if they took and so I completely forgot about them.

Sunday was a pretty nice day and a good time to get out into the garden and plan some of this years garden to-do’s. It was during this time I found the pot I’d stuck the cuttings in. Deciding to dig one of them up I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful root system has been created.

In fact, both cuttings have rooted and I am now well on my way to having two new bushes for the garden. For now though I’m going to let them be for a while and allow them some time to continue to grow.

One of them I have replanted in a small pot with some sedum so that I can enjoy it more.

How are everyone else’s gardens going? So glad that the weather is improving enough to be able to get outside again. I’ve felt pretty suffocated this winter without the luxury of being able to potter about in the garden.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday

Love Charlotte x

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