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Coastal Rockery

Along the coast (a slight detour on my way home from the school run) near to my home there is a little rockery walkway that goes down to the beach. It's a lovely little place and every spring more and more colour blooms amongst the rocks. Muscari, daffodils and primroses to name a few. Plus all of the greenery and birdsong. Altogether is makes a wonderful little place to enjoy.

Yesterday morning I spent a few happy minutes wandering listening and taking some photographs of this beautiful space. It's places like this that make people fall in love with nature which is so important when we think about how endangered it is.

Nature to me is a tonic for life. Without it I would struggle but just to be in a place like this for a few minutes is enough to lift you up for hours. By sharing these places we make people more aware of them. When people are aware I truly believe great things can happen.

Happy Thursday everyone,


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