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Creating an Easter Hyacinth Basket

This week is the perfect time to get creative with Easter decorations and flowers. Spring is here and everything is blooming. One flower I adore at this time of year is the Blue Hyacinth.

I was lucky enough to pick up this pot of three blue hyacinths at a local market on Friday for just £1. I bargain when I already had everything else I needed to create a lovely little spring basket.

There is something so life enhancing about flowers in the house. They just bring instant joy. (For me anyway)

So here is what I did.

The main elements are the basket and flowers.

I lined the basket with a plastic bag so that I can water with ease and the basket won’t get damaged by the water.

Then I positioned the hyacinths where I was happy with them. Being careful not to damage roots where possible. I then filled any remaining space with soil.

I then popped out into the garden and sliced some of the lovely moss that’s been growing. It was quite dry as it’s been warm the last few days so I gave it a good drink. (My husband was giving me funny looks at this point 🤣)

But then I covered the soil with the lovely moss and added a chick for decoration.

I’m thoroughly pleased with the result and it was so simple to create. Now I will just wait for the blooms to blossom. Hopefully in time for Easter weekend!

Have a lovely day

Love Charlotte x

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