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First Lab Day

Yesterday morning started off bright and misty. As I drove towards Uni and my first day in the labs I couldn't help but feel excited and in awe of how beautiful my drive in was. As mist swept across the fields in little pockets it almost looked magical. What a great way to start the week.

Even Canterbury Cathedral was glowing as I walked in.

Through fallen autumn leaves like walking over an autumnal rainbow. I often find this time of year stunning and mentally uplifting. The colours, even the air as it begins to get crisper and we grab cosy jumpers to snuggle up with.

Being in the lab all day was great. I've always loved practical things. Actually physically doing. One of the things we got to do today was look at E-Coli through a microscope. After we had stained it to see it. I was blown away at how beautiful it was. This tiny bacteria that can make you quite poorly was actually stunning under a x1000 lense. Check it out below...

Like little palm leaves or fans. It was super cool and I was utterly amazed that we had managed to get such a great sample the first time. I wonder what today will bring.

Love Charlotte x

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