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Garden Delights & Wine Review

The weather her in the UK has been a bit hit and miss lately. But if there’s one thing I love about the warmer days and evenings it’s sitting outside on quiet early evenings and listening to the birds. It’s calming and peaceful for the mind and body and a delightful way to avoid the tv and chat about anything and everything with my husband.

Our favourite wine to enjoy in or out at the moment is ‘Fête des flaveurs’. This wine goes down a little too easily and often find ourselves finishing the bottle quite quickly. (Usually a bottle will last me a weekend but this little number only ever lasts the nigh.)

This particular bottle was enjoyed last Saturday evening as we watched and listened to a number of birds twittering away in surrounding trees.

We are fortunate that our little town garden has an array of nature and large trees just a small distance from our garden and so the birds provide as lovely backdrop on a quiet evening.

I feel as though this needs to be a more regular occurrence as I feel the need to immerse myself in the outdoors more and more as the weather warms. But, I really should take the time to enjoy other wines too. So, until next time…

Love Charlotte x

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