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How-To Create a Spring Wreath

For £15!

Find out how I created this beauty for less than £20!

Step One:

You will need -

  • A selection of faux flowers

  • A wreath base (I went with a willow wreath as I wanted some of it on show)

  • Scissors and or Pliers

  • A glue gun

Step Two:

Cut the flowers into manageable pieces. I often find the stems on faux flowers to be too long for this type of craft.

Step Three:

Start working out the placement of your pieces and adding florals to the base. When you are happy then simply glue them into place.

Step Four:

Add in your foliage and glue into place.


The wreath was purchased on Amazon for £4.93.

The flowers used were purchased from Wilko for a combined price of £10.10.

Making an overall price of £15.03!!

(Tulips we’re not used but we’re £1 a bunch from the pound shop)

  • I already had the scissors and glue gun. If you don’t have a glue gun then I find super glue also works well as long as it is used in a well ventilated place.

I do hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial. Making a seasonal wreath is an absolute joy to create and will provide you with happiness each and every time you see it. Whether you hang it on your main front door, an inner door or just use it for general decoration around your home it is sure to bring sheer delight.

Thanks for reading.

Love Charlotte x

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