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So my Kindle Unlimited subscription ran out last night so it was a race against time to finish a book I had been reading.

Its rate for me to have kindle unlimited because I have so many books to read on my kindle already that I don’t feel it’s a good deal for the money at the moment. Plus I already have Prime and so I get many books as part of that deal too.

Anyways the book I have been reading. As a Francophile anything remotely related to the French culture or lifestyle always interests me which was why I quickly downloaded ‘Olivia Holmes had inherited a vineyard’ (although it is set in Kent UK)

Firstly my personal star rating: 5 ***** I Loved this Story!

As a committed Francophile and Kent resident I absolutely loved this book. It was like being in France but at home in Kent, England. A really lovely and enjoyable read that warms the heart and makes you wish you had your own vines to wander through.

I am very much looking forward to the sequel due out in January 2021. So if you fancy reading this one before then just click on the image to be taken straight to it on Amazon.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone.

Love Charlotte x

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