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My Top Ways To Shop Sustainably

If you don't know by now that the world is in trouble then you have been living in a cave. Industries are booming and causing devastation in their wake.

If you read my last post then you will know that I am challenging myself to ditch fast fashion and buy more sustainably for this entire year. It goes further than that, but I'll save that for another post.

What do I mean by buying more sustainably? Well for me it's buying from a circular economy and using the 3 R's.

REDUCE: Buying only what I need when I need it. Therefore reducing my spending on things I don't need.

REWEAR: Wearing items out. Not just buying an outfit to wear once. And if this is the case then using the third R!

REPURPOSE: Either selling no longer wanted items on, donating them to a charity shop to sell on or using a place like Cash4Clothes who buy clothes by the kilo and send them to other countries where they are an affordable source of clothing for disadvantaged people.

Now that doesn't mean that I am going to be buying new and then just adhering to the above. It means that when anyone else decides to repurpose clothing I am going to be ready to pounce. Because unless I'm buying underwear, swimwear or my sons new school uniform this year I'm attempting to shop second hand only.

I've ditched the ASOS and Marks & Spencer apps on my phone and replaced them with the above of I didn't have them already. These little papas are the purpose of my post today. Because these places to shop are my wardrobes new secret weapon.

  1. Vinted: This little shopping app has become my new favourite go-to. Selling everything Fashion to Homewear. In fact it will be World Book Day soon and my son is now going as Elmer thanks to a cheeky Elmer costumer purchase which cost me less than £6 for the outfit and P&P. That's less than popping to a cafe for a code and slice of cake!!

  2. Vestiaire Collective: Now this is the place for all you second hand designer needs. If your more of a high end luxury fashion type then you can still be sustainable. Because Vestiaire Collective is the place to buy it second hand.

  3. Depop: It's just like Vinted. Selling second hand items from everyday people like you and me.

  4. eBay: I couldn't really not include eBay. It sells everything... but you just need to remember to filter out new products. To be honest I left this one to last because as time goes on I use this less and less. Unlike Vinted sellers who get the full amount for the item they sell, eBay charges quite extortionate fees and I just don't like that.

These are just 4 places that I use to buy second hand wears that still have plenty of use. In fact a lot of the items I buy still have tags on them or have been worn or used maybe once or twice.

Of course if your not a fan of buying online or you prefer to see physical items then charity shops, vintage fairs, boot fairs and other clothings fairs are a great way to find second hand clothing. Then when you don't want the items anymore repurpose it. Don't send it to a landfill by just throwing it away.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Charlotte xx

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