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Nature Journal Entry 4: Wildflowers, Betteshanger, Kent, UK

Hello everyone, happy weekend!

Yesterday I went for a walk with my son and my parents. We love a good walk in nature and we've been coming to the same place in Betteshanger for about three years now (ever since my parents sold the family home and moved into a smaller and more easily managed bungalow) to walk the family dog. Before this we would walk in the fields at the back or front of our home. The views were lovely and the walks were very enjoyable. However, now we have slightly more diversity on our walks as we head in and out of smaller wild sections of land. There are of course fields but also, woodlands and areas that nature has reclaimed.

On this particular day I was completely inspired by this year's abundance of wildflowers. The wildflower biodiversity was incredible and I can only assume that this was because the land had been left untouched for another year and nature had self seeded an amazing number of plants and flowers. Don’t get me wrong it’s been good the last couple of years, but this year they have really blossomed. A whole array of colour and natural joy surrounded us wherever we looked. From Bee Orchids to wild Geraniums and Forget-me-knots. It was an utter delight on the eyes.

Originally this space was supposed to be an industrial park but for some reason it didn’t happen and over the last few years nature has reclaimed her earth! Everywhere you look there are plants and wildflowers that have been left to grow and thrive against the will of humans. It is now a very popular dog walking place and a space for wildlife to live and thrive without disruption from us!

Unfortunately, I have recently heard that there is now permission for houses to be built and all this wonderful diversity and the wildlife habitats will be destroyed and replaced with bricks and trimmed lawns. Why is it that humans are so set on destroying our beautiful natural environments? It is a question I am forever asking myself. The only conclusion I have is money. People will do anything for a little more money lining their pockets. Even if it means destroying the homes of other animals and plants. And yet after the last year you would have thought we should have been slightly humbled by mother nature and the way she has fought back against us. With many of us seeking the comforts of nature during the lockdowns I wonder why more people are not now coming to her aid as she did for us. That’s why I am sharing this little story.

So this weekend (and every other day of the week, month, year) I’ll be celebrating nature and how it happily thrives and reclaims its earth whenever and wherever it gets the chance. I will support conservation efforts and help to spread the word. I will be the voice that nature needs to survive and thrive against the humans that are set to destroy it. I will help it where I can and hope that the houses don’t get built too soon!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this piece. I would love it if you could share this story with friends, family and on social media because it’s stories like this that build awareness.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Love Charlotte xx

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