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Plant Life

There was once a time when I could easily not keep a cactus alive. But, as I became a mother and hit my thirties I rediscovered my love for nature and have since become a plant mum too.

My garden is my happy place. I love being outside in nature surrounded by green and bird song. But, my home is quickly becoming a plant sanctuary too.

It started with two plants brought from the cutest little plant shop a town over from us. I brought a snake plant and a spider plant. At that time I was very much immersing myself in holistic wellness and wanted plants that would help filter the air in our home. These two types of plants rank highly on the list of plants that help with this.

Since then our collection has begun to grow (excuse the pun). There isn't a room in the house that doesn't have a plant or two. Even our son asked to have a plant in him room.

Propagating is also a new found love. It only made sense that this would happen. But it's so satisfying to watch my little babies take root and grow into new plants and they also make really great little gifts.

Propagating is fairly easy in a lot of cases. A simple google search will set you on the right path with the particular plant you want to propagate. Jade plants (money plants) are particularly easy I find. (See above 2nd and 3rd pic)

Living in an urban environment is not exactly my dream. But, with my garden and plenty of plant life around me it definitely takes the edge off of the noisiness and greyness of town living. Being able to shut the door on all the bricks, tarmac and concrete and step into a little wild sanctuary is for me quite blissful.

I've shown a selection of our plants in the pictures. This is not all of them and they won't all be alone for too long as I continue to add more to this little urban house.

My ability to care for and keep plants alive seems to increase by the year which brings me so much joy I can't even tell you.

Do you keep house plants? What ones do you recommend?

Let me know.

Love Charlotte x

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