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Rainy Days & Lavende

Is it just me or is anyone getting pretty fed up with all this rain?! It just feels like it's rained pretty much every day for weeks now. Don't get me wrong the plants, trees and grass will be thankful and will look amazing for it... but, I really need some nicer weather so that I can get outside and dig my hands into the dirt. Potting new plants and repotting oldies that need a bit more room to grow for the year ahead.

During a moment of clear skies this week and did a quick wander about the garden and noticed to my delight that the Lavender is starting to awaken itself. This makes me so happy and reminded me that I wanted to get some more of this wonderfully smelling plant in the garden this year. It's one of those flowers that I just find so life enhancing.

Anyway, wishing you a lovely rainy Saturday in the hopes that this weather brightens up soon.

Love Charlotte x

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