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Saturdays Sunset

On Saturday we headed off for a childless spa day and stay at the London Beach Hotel Spa & Country Club in Tenterden, Kent with some friends.

It was a much needed weekend away full of relaxation and laughs with a few delightful yet unexpected fun times along the way.

One of those things was the absolutely incredible view we had across the gold course from our room balcony which delighted us with the most stunning sunset I've seen in a while.

Had the weather been warmer and the sky clearer it would have been the most magical sunset sat on our balconies looking out over the picturesque scenery.

I was so happy that I managed to capture such a varied amount of pictures showing the sun setting from beginning to end. The colours and shades that delighted the sky were just stunning, and who doesn't love a sunset?!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday and great week ahead.

Love Charlotte x

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