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Signs of Spring

Updated: Feb 16

When you have been stuck in for a couple of days there is nothing better than getting outside for a walk and some fresh air. It’s a time to refresh and get clear on your thoughts.

Taking time out from scrolling and enjoying the beauty around us. Noticing the small details, the pretty details, the unusual and the amazing.

It’s February and yet as the temperature doesn’t feel like it’s getting warmer there are signs of hope all around us. Like the daffodils in the park and the blossom peaking out on the trees. A hint of colour amongst the brown and green backdrop.

Spring sparks the idea of new beginning, fresh starts. A time for coming out of hibernation. Letting go of the winter slump and letting the light back in.

I’m not really bothered by the seasons. There is no one that I dislike more because they each have magic about them. But I can’t help but feel more optimistic when spring is arriving.

So here are my top ways to enjoy and immerse myself in spring.

1: Let in the natural light. As soon as it’s light outside I am opening the blinds and pushing back the curtains. Natural light makes everything feel so much better.

2: Filling the house with blooming plants like primroses, hyacinths and crocuses. They add colour and a lovely fragrance.

3: Getting out for fresh air and walks, fresh air is good for the mind and body which is perfect for the time of year when everything is springing to life. So get those walking shoes on and head out into nature.

4: Whenever you are in doubt a bunch of daffodils solves it. A perfect spring pick-me-up for the house or a super cute gift if you are heading to a friends for coffee.

5: Finally, I love to open the windows or head into the wilderness and listen to the wildlife. There is something so calming and magical about the birds twittering above you and the breeze singing through the trees.

Happy nearly spring everyone.

Charlotte xx

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