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Spring Equinox

The first day of spring has finally arrived and it feels like we have been waiting for such a long time. As spring begins to unfurl I will be saying goodbye to the wonderful scent of my Daphne bush (above) that fills the air with its wonderful scent. I still have a few deliciously smelling blooms to enjoy but they are dropping fast. However, I do get to enjoy its lovely green leaves all your round. Which is an utter delight.

Indoors I am now enjoying these beautiful roses of red, pink and white which my son lovingly picked for me for Mothers Day yesterday.

I opted to spread them between three separate vases to add for interest to our dining room. The colours haven given the mantle a nice spring lift too.

I'm desperate to get back out into the garden more permanently and hoping that with the first day of springs arrival we will be delighted with better weather that lasts more then the odd day or too. The sudden changes in weather from one day to the next is really showing me what we as a species is doing to our planet. But, I really do feel that anyone with a garden can help the cause by planting native species and allowing gardens to grow more naturally and wild. I personally would love to plant a tree in our garden however, I lack the space for such a gesture. Anyone that can is in a unique position to help sequester carbon and aid in the defence of floods for now and for future generations.

Perhaps one day this will be me too.

For now though I will continue to do what I can.

Happy Spring to all.

Love Charlotte x

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