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Sustainable Earth

Settle down my child

Rest your weary head

I’ll tell you a little story

As you snuggle in your bed

About our amazing planet

The one we all adore

It’s like a gigantic magnet

Keeps us grounded on its floor

But unlike Mother Nature

Who cares, nurtures and provides

We continue to melt each glacier

With our global warming strides

It takes a very special person

To stand up and say ‘ENOUGH’

And teach us an important lesson

The one we know is tough

That we are all destroying

That which gave us life

How can we be enjoying

All these actions out of strife

And so our planet asks us

To protect, to love, to change

Start a conversation and discuss

All the things we can exchange

To recycle, reuse and reduce

Today and all year round

Stop our materialistic abuse

Become eco-friendly bound

So as you listen and close your eyes

Dream of trees, and turtles, and bees

Hear their pleading cries

But settle down with ease

Let us all try our best

To protect that which loves us all

Mother Nature full of zest

Us standing proud and tall


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.

Love Charlotte x

#poetry #ecopoetry #conservation #ecopoet #indiepoetry #climatechange #writer

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