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The Smell of Autumn

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

What a week. The schools are all back after a long, hot and dry summer. Thank goodness! The weather is slowly cooling which I am forever thankful for.

However, there was I noticed something additional in the air this week. That was the smell of autumn. I notice each year and sometimes it's upon opening a window this year however it was the first walk to school with my little boy. Upon opening the door and stepping outside I was greeted with that instant familiarity that autumn was in the air.

It's hard to explain this smell this sense but it is like cool, smoky, warm and earthy all at the same time.

After walking for several minutes I happened to notice the trees familiar autumnal colours peaking through too. After such a long hot summer the brisk signs took me by surprise but I am glad that autumn is upon us again.

Have you seen any signs of autumn?

Until next time,

Charlotte x

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