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Wild Garden

As spring slowly starts to unfurl her leaves I am preparing to head into the garden to tidy and potter about and bring her up to outdoor living standards for when the warmer weather finally arrives.

I tend to be a little lax with the garden over winter. I take the odd wander and snip at a few bits with my secateurs... but there is something about letting it go wild that I find magical. Letting any greenery grow that wants to defy the cold harsh weather and giving the garden a more pleasing green view is more than ok in my book.

Weeds are welcome in winter and I love to see how nature has taken her hold and begin to reclaim the garden by the time spring comes around.

The Ivy Leaved Toadflax had gone wild this year as the warmer weather has allowed it to sprout and grow from every nook and cranny that it's found itself in. Bursting out of walls and sharing soil with other plants in pots.

Other wild plants have also taken up residence and I havnt yet felt the need to stop them in their tracks. I love how they defy humankind and sprout wherever they want to. So for now I'll let them be.

Anyone else like to let their garden get a little wild?

Until next time,

Charlotte x

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