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This week has been eventful. It was my first week in the lab at Uni. We've been conducting small experiments all week which have had me completely fascinated by the reactions we created for such simple procedures.

The days have been long but passed quickly and my body feels completely exhausted as we go into our final day today. But, we havnt been in the lab all week.

On Wednesday we did a little field trip to Wildwood. For some reason I don't remember ever having been here before even though it's so close and I wasn't aware that they had red squirrels.

After completing a short study on the social behaviour of wolves we headed into the red squirrel walk through. I felt complete joy that for the first time I was seeing the native red squirrel. Our parks and trees are teaming with grey squirrels, but the red squirrel is just something else.

I've completely fallen in love with this little creature and could easily have watched them for hours as it played and scavenged. Here is a little video of one in action.

I had already put my professional cameras away at this point but I'm so happy that my phone camera managed to get some great photos and photo age of this little beauty. They were an absolute joy to watch and will remain lovingly in my mind.

I hope that one day the UK is teaming with these little creatures again and that they are thriving once again so that anyone who wants to can enjoy these beautiful little creatures.

Wishing everyone a great Friday and lovely weekend. We are off to see some fireworks this weekend with family.

Until next time,

Charlotte x

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